P1000118It is Kyal’s First Birthday.  We all celebrate his day with much joy. It seems just yesterday he was brought home from the Marshal islands by his adoptive family.

We celebrated his day on the beach with our knitting group. The party was held at the beach  on Hickam Air Force base.


In Hawaii its a sad fact that most of the nicest beaches are located on military land. Land the was supposed to be temporarily used during WW II somehow turned out to be permanent. Ah but I digress.

I thought I would share some of the day with those who have not knitted in Hawaii. For those who have not been on this base you will find it is quite interesting. There are still building that have bullet holes in the walls from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

P1000167I love this old terminal building. I am not sure if it is still being used for its original purpose and stopping and looking around on a base is sort of frowned upon so I just took the photo and settled for that.


I didn’t stop to check out the information in front of this plane but still it is so beautiful and well worth having the photo. Is that where the gunner would sit up in the very front of the plane?

And back to the beach party.


It was fascinating to stand on the beach and watch these air craft land so closely. It was like beauty and the beast.

P1000125 Kyal is celebrating in a bit of the Marshal Island way. It is an open adoption and the adoptive parents are wonderful at making sure he will know his culture and in keeping contact with his birth mother

.Kyal’s new mother knitted these leis. It is tradition in the islands where he was born to put one on the baby and then whisper in his ear all the good wishes for him.

It was my turn and I was worried he would cry when he saw me. It does look like he is about to but actually he gave me a big smile and I just hugged him because he is just adorable. We in our knitting group all adore him. Have I said that already?

P1000163And what’s a birthday without cake?


Kim could not resist the crown and wand that Lisa had crocheted for Kyal. She has always wanted to be a princess.

Hmmm, who wears it better?


Princess Kim knitting her magic


And where there is Kim there is Lisa they are almost knitted together.

And so a wonderful day was had by all. And because we live in Hawaii we are fortunate to be able to gather together and knit anywhere in this perfect weather. Yes we can knit here, we can knit there, we can knit most anywhere.