I’m All About Mistakes

And just where have I been all this time? Well I’ve certainly been knitting. But it seems I’ve just been knitting mistakes.

I think I should start with something that I messed up but ended up fitting me.

I worked on a hat from the book “Weekend Hats” by Cecily Macdonald and Melissa Babarre. I had ordered some colors that I rarely if ever use because I wanted to try the worsted weight yarn. When it arrived I was thrilled with the colors. I got the yarn from Etsy. The store was called Peace Fleece,

Photo on 2013-08-27 at 09.10

I took my gauge and thought I was doing well until it was finished. It was far to big. I went on to the Ravelry site to see how other had done and found a few women who had the same problem as I. I chose to follow the woman’s example who felted hers. That is what I did, although, not to heavily. It turned out just right. Now if it would only snow here I could wear it. I guess I’ll wait for St. Patrick’s Day otherwise.



This doll was a pain in the needles. Besides all of the bad stitching she somehow got into my coffee and drank too much. Before I was even finished with her I had to give her a good bath. I thought I would never finish this pattern. But I did.But not before running out of yarn. So I knitted her feet white as though she was wearing socks to make up for not having enough to make the feet the same color as the rest of her.



Itty-Bitty Toys” by Susan B. Anderson

Then I thought I would attempt to make me a sweater. Oh this pattern was fast and easy. Until…. I tried it on. I never would have thought loosing over 7 stitches to the pattern could add up to a couple of inches in the finished product. I was very happy with the sweater but very sad to have to give it to my daughter who fit is just right. I am now trying to make a second one and have realized that doing the “stitch one below” is where I went wrong. I have pulled out the sweater three times because no matter how I counted or how careful I knitted I keep loosing stitches. Not dropping them but loosing them. So I’ve pulled out the sweater for the fourth time and to keep from loosing my mind I have put it away for a time when I am stranded on a desert island and can really concentrate on it.


Deep V Tee by Cathy Carron

I have always wanted a pair of hand knitted socks ever since I was a little girl. But I never had anyone that would knit them for me. Through out the years I tried to make a pair but gave up very, very quickly. Now in my twilight years when it seems I’m crazy enough to try anything I once again took on socks. This time I took a class. Mind you, cost of class, needles and yarn came up to $70.00 so I was not going to give up or give them away when done. (Yes I actually envisioned someone actually wanting the finished product.)

You can’t imagine my frustration when I realized that math was involved. In fact the first class was all measuring and formulas. I could not understand heads or tails of what I was learning. The only thing I could take away from that class was to cast on 80 stitches and make the cuff in a ribbed stitch. So I did. I could go no further as there was no pattern as yet. So the second class which was the last we learned how to make the heel flap, which I understood but had to work on a  piece of scrap and do more formulas to learn a turn. Since it was just a scrap I could not understand it. But the teacher wrote down a formula for the turn and told me if I have problems I could always come back and she would gladly help me.


Home I went. I worked like a beaver expecting a flood. I knitted and knitted, determined to figure it out. My heel flap was just fine but when I went on to the totally mysterious gusset I had to throw in a lifeline. I went to a site of knitters on face book and they all jumped in and helped me. With all of their patience and guidance I finished the sock. But it felt too big and looked like something Daisy Duck could wear.


Yup, pretty ugly!

When all was said and done and I had cried to my fellow knitters that I wanted to make it right, they took my formula and right off the bat told me I was casting on too many stitches. Someone who was my size gave me the numbers and I pulled the sock out and started all over. But when it came to the toes I did not know that I could not just move the stitches  on the needles just willy-nilly to make them even.


And this is what happens when you don’t distribute the stitches properly. My toe closed parallel to the foot of the sock.

But, those sweet ladies had me pull out just the toe, post a photo so they could see where I went wrong and straightened me out again. Gave me numbers for the toe and I am so thrilled now with the sock that I am starting on the second one and have ordered yarn for two more pair.


Now this looks like a sock. And you know what? Some one did want the sock. My 9-year-old grandson. Yeah right, like I’m going to give him these $70.00 dollar Tootsie pops. “Nico, these won’t fit you. Why do you want them?” He quickly tried them on and lo and behold they did fit him. So I told him, if there is yarn left over I would knit him a pair. Hopefully he will forget and I won’t be held to my promise. (Bad Grandma)

In case any of you are wondering how my celestarium  shawl is coming along?


Nope, it’s not going to be part of my star system anytime soon.







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