Green World and Beyond; Knitting to Waimea


Yay! It’s Tuesday! I love it. I quickly drop off my grandson at school, rush home to let the dogs out for a bit and then I pack up, run out and drive off. Green mountains, planted fields and a few military bases whiz by my car window as I head out to Green World Farms. Familiar faces behind the counter smile and take my order for an almond latte. I lean out the opening on to the large field to check out the group practicing their ukulele, the latest group to gather at the Farm.

I turn down their invitation to join the group. Nope can’t play or sing. Anyway my knitting needles are ready to click. I get my drink and head to the table. My knitting day has begun. We have such a great group and great conversations.

As knitters arrive we settle down just as the musicians come in and take up a place in the corner. They start strumming and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) and Jingle Bells sounds out. What a treat and only in Hawaii. Well I’m sure you sing carols where you live but is it with Ukulele?

After we’ve been serenaded we get down to business. IMG_1669

Sherry shows us the pattern by Pam Powers called Quilted Lattice Ascot that she is working on. She tells me about the rough spots she encountered to prepare me as she knows I am planning to knit it with the Cashmere yarn I found at the local thrift shop for $2.00. What a find.

After we all ooh and aah over it Carol finishes off her hat she has been working on. Linda models it for us. Carol has a buyer for it already. She sells her items by leaps and bounds. She has such busy hands.


Linda modeling Carols finished hat. Carol Crochets most of her items. Crocheting is so much faster it seems and that way she can build up and inventory pretty quickly. I seem to be a snail in that department. It almost seems a ritual with me to have to tear out anything I’m making at least once if not two or three times before I can finish it.


This hat ( Star Crossed Slouchy Beret)was taken out at least twice and not being able to decide what the designer meant when she said work rows 1-12 one time I did and it came out sort of lacking it’s slouch. I guess she meant after I worked that set I should then work it one more time.

The second time I made the hat I expanded the rows but I did not use cashmere Aron weight as shown in the photo above but worsted like it called for and it came out too small. The head band that is. Ugh. Yes I hear you. Did I take a gauge? Well, no, as there was none given. Which I was happy about as I never do one anyway. I know, I know that is why all my things don’t fit.


This was a free pattern on Ravelry. It’s the Two Needle Christmas Stocking. It was suggested that we make something for Christmas as a group. I suggested this as it was knitted in two pieces and would be easier for those who did not knit socks. I had fun making it even though my snowman is skinner then me. ( I should have been the snowman.) Turns out our group never made anything but I had a knitted stocking for my grandson!

At one of our meetings I suggested we meet at Sherry’s house for a knitting night. We could check out the open Market out her way in Waimea Falls. We used to have a wonderful open market in Haleiwa that was on an unused oddly shaped,  piece of land. It was a wonderful market with tons of fresh food and beautiful handmade items and plants. I made it out there every Sunday.

Then the City realized it was being used and they could not make money off it so they shut it down. That was a sad day for me. So the market moved even further from my house. All the way, a forty-five minute drive, to Waimea.



Haleiwa Open Market





Orchids for sale. They aren’t just for prom. I’m aging myself I guess. Does anyone wear these as corsage anymore. Does anyone even wear corsage anymore?


Exotic fruits. In other words I can’t remember what they are called. Except for the Papaya in back I’m at a loss.


And here are the cacao. The stars of the festival that week.

So since Sherry had been asking us a few times to come to her house to knit I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. So we made it a date to first meet at the open market and eat a dinner plate there and then meet at her house.



Entering Waimea Falls


They have some strange trees there.


This pretty much summed it up. The market was now pretty much indoors, the vegetables I saw were limp and unappealing and it seemed that it had become more product (trinkets and touristy stuff) then produce for sale. That may not have been a fair assessment of it but because the environment had changed so drastically and more ready made food for sale then fresh I was very much disappointedIMG_1652.

But before I leave Waimea I must say I had the best vegetable crepe for dinner there. It’s almost, I said almost worth the 45 minute drive out there. I’m going to check out some other open markets to see where else these guys are.

So on to Sherry’s house. She and her husband had set out a wonderful dessert and cheese spread for us. Sitting and talking with my knitting friends was just as great as Green World. The trip was complete.

Lastly Sherry was able to show us the little dress that we had seen in progress but now finished.


For Piper, Sherry’s first grandchild. She has knitted her a total wardrobe. Though where in Hawaii she will be able to wear it remains to be seen. This will be her little Christmas dress and for Valentines day she will change the pocket and put one with a heart on it. What a grandma.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I say that now as it appears I’m not to efficient when it comes to writing my blog. But at least I don’t overwhelm your in -box. I hope.