Getting In line Or Why Am I the Last to Knit For

Knitting-Greenworld - 01


This is Cadie, She is my companion at Green World. You can’t imagine the joy I felt when I found out they were dog friendly. You can’t imagine the joy Cadie felt when she realized that she was going with me every Tuesday to knitting. She has become a fixture at the coffee farm and she just thrives on all the attention she gets. You can see it in her face as she looks at Kyle,  Kyal the adopted baby whom all of us have waited for. We were so excited when he finely arrived and he is adored by every knitter not just Cadie. Here Kyle  Kyal sits on his favorite “Aunties” lap.

I’ve been knitting, and sitting, knitting and sitting. I’ve managed to go through all five seasons of the Netflix Special “Damages.” Kept me absorbed from beginning to end and it helped me through knitting the Raggedy Ann doll you saw on my last post.

I can’t show you anything I’ve knitted for myself as I’m last in line as many of you knitters, I am sure, have experienced. I keep looking at the yarn that I’ve bought to make a sweater and shawl for me. The yarn for the shawl was purchased over a year ago and yet, it sits.

When I finish up with my last doll, hopefully I will have time for me before Christmas gifts need to be started on.


We all get absorbed into conversations about everything. Here Sara and Michelle carry on about something that has caught their interest. Even though we come to knit we never seem to get past two rows of anything.


This is another Sarah. She has been talking about and keeping us up on the book she has been writing. She is learning to knit and she does a lot of yarn dying. What wonderful colors she has come up with.



Kim is holding a skein of wool silk and is teaching Lisa how to use the drop spindle.


Lisa seems to  be picking it up quickly. I’ve never ceased to be amazed at how fast she picks up things. She is a fabulous crocheter and she has learned to knit this past year and is doing so well. I love the toys that she makes and the Christmas tree skirt she made up this past Holiday was absolutely beautiful. She did it all in pinks for her girls but it looked so Christmasy under the tree.


And last but not least here is my project I started before the dolls. I knitted three hats to be sent to someone who was collecting for St. Jude’s Hospital. The hat is being modeled by my doll, Fea, (ugly) my ugly doll that has become beloved by me. She seemed to like the hat so I had to knit her one also. Lately she has been asking for a sweater as she really does not have any clothes. I told her she would have to get in line.